Constructing Glass Conservatory Roofs in Kent and the Surrounding Areas

In the last decade, glass conservatory roofs have benefited from cutting-edge production techniques, resulting in exceptional thermal properties that ensure a comfortable temperature 365 days a year. During the summer, our high-quality glass will reflect the sun's rays, while in the winter, it will trap the heat.

High-Performance Glass

High-Performance Glass

It's a conservatory roof design that incorporates our high-performance glass. It has a modern yet refined look, with large panels of substantial glazing. While glass roofs appear to be light, they have been rigorously tested to demonstrate their superior durability. They can survive winds of up to 130 miles per hour and torrential rain without being harmed. This ensures that your conservatory is safe from even the harshest weather.

Outstanding Roof Installations

Our glass conservatory roof installations are both appealing and thermally efficient.